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Millers Traditional Smorgasbord Buffet

Make a reservation:
1-800-669-3568 Please note that during very busy days/times, Reservations and Call Ahead Seating may “sell out” and not be available

7 Days from 11:30am


Our award winning smorgasbord features mouth-watering American favorites as well as our own distinctive Heritage Dishes and bakery-fresh desserts...chilled steamed shrimp, top sirloin, breast of turkey, golden fried chicken, baked ham and fish, chicken corn soup, baked cabbage, bakery fresh cheesecake, shoo-fly pie, gourmet apple pie, and much more. CLICK HERE FOR COUPON and take $3 off each adult selecting our Traditional Smorgasbord Dinner.

For lighter appetites, we offer a Signature Soup & Salad option and new, Lunch & Dinner AlaCarte Features. We also offer wine, beer, spirits and cocktails, including exclusive concoctions made from our own Genuine Shoofly Liqueur.

Miller's Traditional Smorgasbord Dinner - $25.49

(Click Here for $3 Coupon making this only $22.49)
Includes Entrees, Features, Carving Station, Grilled Chef's Veggies, Signature Soups, Salads, Breads, Appetizer Station, and Miller's Bakery Fresh Desserts.

Here's just a sample of the delicious items Miller's Smorgasbord has to offer:

Soups, Salads and Breads
Miller's own Seafood Bisque
Lancaster County Chicken Corn soup
Vegetarian Vegetable soup
Sausage & Cabbage soup
Ham & Bean
Beef Barley
Vegetarian Chili
Creamy Potato
Please note: soups subject to change without notice
Pickled eggs
Chow chow
Broccoli salad
Pasta salad
Caesar salad
Make your own salad bar ~ featuring our Hot Bacon dressing
Seafood salad
Pepper cabbage

Chilled steamed shrimp ~ plain, seasoned & ginger
Sautéed mushrooms
Swedish meatballs

Entrees and Features
Slow roasted, top sirloin
Baked ham with cider sauce
Golden fried chicken
Steelhead trout
Chicken pot pie with homemade noodles
Baked cabbage in cream sauce
Grilled Chef's Veggies ~ a delicious variety of locally grown vegetables
Mashed potatoes and filling
Brown buttered noodles
Additional heritage dishes
Assorted side dishes

Desserts & Baked Goods
Miller´s apple pie
Pennsylvania Dutch shoofly pie
Warm chocolate pecan pie
Bread pudding and baked apples
Miller´s own creamy cheesecake
Iced raisin bread, think of it as dessert
Bakery Fresh breads and rolls ~ a delightful variety is always available


Menu Dining: That's right. Guests may now order off of our AlaCarte Features page, including items like charbroiled 6oz. Burgers, BBQ & Chicken Breast Sandwiches, Dinner Salads and Entrees.