• Ate too much great food...

    - isn't that the point at a Smorgasbord. It has been about 30 years since I've had the opportunity to eat at Miller's. I had such great memories that I thought it would be hard for Miller's to live up to them. The Lancaster area has changed dramatically in 30 years, and Miller's Smorgasbord area has been updated as well. There are more shops surrounding the eating place and they now sell souvenirs of your visit. The setup of the food has changed. However, the quality and quantity of food is still top notch. My favorites had always been the chicken pot pie and shoo fly pie. They are still available. There was also carved ham, carved turkey, carved beef, shrimp, fish, fried chicken, all kinds of vegetables, and for those less adventurous - salad, bread, soup, and french fries. The fish was amazingly flavorful and moist. The carved ham tasted great. The chicken pot pie has these thick homemade square noodles that can't be beat. Then you can follow it (if you have any room) with cheesecake, brownies, pecan pie, peach pie, apple pie, and / or shoo fly pie with or without ice cream. The price was about $25 per person for the Smorgasbord. (You can get a lower price if you stick to the soup, salad, and bread bars. You can increase the price if you purchase alcoholic beverages.) Be sure you go hungry. You will not leave that way!

    November 11, 2017

  • Great place, good food, award winner!

    ...the area, stumbled upon Millers, and noticed the "award winner" sign outside, so we decided to give it a try. We had heard of another large smorgasbord place in the area that was very popular with the tourists, but when we went there first, it was very busy, loaded with tour buses, and was anticipated to be a bit of a wait to get in. So we found Millers and decided to give it a shot, and glad we did.

    Millers is a nice and quaint place, but that does not take away from the quality of food and service. We were there early, so we just opted for the smaller soup/salad/bread option, and not the full buffet, although it looked very good. Just too much to take in at that time of the day. But our choice was great, several different soups, all were good, a wide selection of salad offerings, and the bread was marvelous. Service was very good as well

    Great atmosphere, I would definitely pick this place if in the area again. I do concur, it is indeed and award winner in my book...

  • Delicious Meal

    Had dinner at Millers during our short get away to Lancaster County. Everything was amazing. The restaurant was super clean. Everything on the buffet was good n flavorful. The food tasted fresh n homemade. A great variety of dishes some traditional Amish dishes. I had the carved turkey tasted like the real thing not salty . My partner had the melt in your mouth prime rib. They have a extensive soup salad bar with peel your own shrimp . Even my ice tea was good tasted fresh brewed. The desserts were wonderful my partner had the apple pie which
    was delicious piled high with apple. I had the shoofly pie with vanilla ice cream just wonderful. Our server I don't recall her name was friendly n attentive to our needs. I would highly recommend a visit to Millers you will enjoy!

  • The Amish perfect recipes!

    They use plenty of butter, salt, cream and sugar and it is delicious. Nobody's grandmother could make better food. Even the soups were incredible. And the hot bacon salad dressing, wow! The bread pudding and pies were fabulous. The breads and various pasta, potato, and other salads were very good, too. Felt like a big church potluck and Thanksgiving combined!

  • My mom raved about this place, so we thought we'd give it a try.

    We had just spent the day at Dutch Wonderland and were hungry and exhausted and in no shape for a sit-down meal. This proved to be the perfect solution as the food was delicious and available immediately. The majority of the choices were classified as "comfort food". The staff replenished the buffet, cleared our used plates and brought refills on drinks very quickly! Best tip - make reservations. We were relieved we did when we found out the wait was over an hour on a Saturday night.

  • We had eaten here before a few years ago and wanted to go back.

    They have everything from shrimp cocktail to desserts. Plenty of salad items, soups, fish, ham, turkey, roast beef, potatoes, lots of vegetables and of course loads of great desserts. The food was quite good and they had some good homemade Amish breads also. The price is about $25.00 per person but it is well worth it. Large dining room with plenty of room and a very nice gift shop also. Service staff were friendly and helpful. Always kept your drink refreshed. I would certainly go back once I worked off the calories. You won't be disappointed.

  • You won’t leave hungry

    This is one place you need to goto when in area. Yes there are many so called buffets in area but you will not leave hungry. There’s like 30+ options not including the dessert bar where you can actually get your pies Warmed up and might wanna put a scoop of your favorite ice cream on top.... check them out!!!

  • GREAT Food

    Wonderful place to eat for the whole family. So much fresh home grown food. So many different food bards to choose from. Thought the price was reasonable for all the food that's offered. The chocolate pecan pie (ate just a small piece--no room) was delicious. Their homemade breads were sooo good. So many entres hard to not try a little of all

  • We have been gong to PA and Miller's...

    ... for over 20 yrs when we visit pa.The food is great.I like the buffet style restaurant and all you can eat.from salads to so much food.it is a beautiful place

  • Pennsylvania Dutch dining

    In the area visiting family and they insisted we eat here. Arrived late Saturday afternoon and had a 45 minute wait for a table of 6. The wait was worth it!. Huge buffet featuring all sorts of Pennsylvania Dutch comfort foods. The fried chicken was some of the best I have ever eaten. The chicken pot pie was like Grandma used to make. Pickled eggs, shoo fly pie... They also have a wide variety of foods often on buffets. Everything was hot and tasty. Wait staff was pleasant and efficient.

  • We loved our dinner at Miller’s.

    After researching several smorgasboards in the area, we decided to go with one that had less overall choices, but more of what we felt were “quality” choices. We were interested more in local specialities (ie, baked cabbage) than standard buffet fare we could get at a chain restaurant (ie, hamburgers). The buffet area was busy, but quiet and never felt chaotic. Our seating area was as personal feeling as a regular restaurant (not the “buffet feeling” you sometimes get of people constantly squeezing and tripping past you). It was a comfortable and relaxed experience throughout. The hot bacon dressing is to die for, and our 9-year-old is still raving about the chocolate mousse cheesecake. We will visit Miller’s again in the future for sure!

  • The Best

    I enjoyed everything (and probably too much of that!) The food is fresh, hot, tasty, and I mean every bite. We've been to 2 other very famous Smorgasbords in the area, but this one is not to be missed. Quality over abundance of choices. Pricey? Maybe, yes - And I'm always a harsh skeptic of spending more than the average price. But this buffet is worth the $. Just bring your appetite and leave room for the wonderful desserts (like the break pudding!) Love it!

  • Excellent!

    This is an excellent Smorgasbord. It may seem a little pricey, but there is an amazing amount of food to choose from. The children's price was reasonable. The food was very good, the atmosphere was very nice and the staff was friendly. I would definitely go back.

  • Great variety, friendly service, coupon online

    Thankfully we went when we were hungry! So much food - and the vegetables were not your typical buffet spread. Very fresh - the corn on the cob tasted fresh from the field. Lots of meats to chose from - carving station 3 meats, also there was fried chicken, 2 kinds of shrimp, fish, and much more. Several salads and soups including a seafood bisque on offer. And the deserts! too many to choose from. Our waitress was very attentive. We didn't have to wait for a table, although we only had 4 in our party. Price was $25, but we found a $3 coupon on line while at the table and it was applied to each of our meals.

  • This was the second Smorgasbord that we...

    ...my friend and a combination of our 5 children ages 10, 10, 7, 5 and 5 visited while in the Lancaster area. We ate lunch here. We had never been to this type of food experience and we must say that the cost, variety and convenience really worked for our travel style and needs. We arrived extremely hungry after a light breakfast and spending time at 2 local attractions. Each child and mom was able to find food that they liked without having to wait for orders. Thanks a win when traveling with young children. This Smorgasbord did not include non alcoholic drinks, but we actually wanted our kids to drink water and hydrate, so that didn't bother us. My kids liked that the competitor included sugary drinks that we don't allow at home, but that was not a a deal breaker for me. We all left satisfied and were able to skip dinner during our 4 and 1/2 hour drive home that late afternoon. We can't wait to go back.

  • Best Buffet in Lancaster area

    Our most recent visit here was very pleasant. My wife and I had the lunch buffet, which seemed even fresher than their dinner buffet. The crowd was smaller at lunch time too, which was nice. The main items were all there including the very delicious seafood bisque. The quality is top notch for all of the items. Even their fish was still flaky even sitting in the heated pan. I especially enjoyed the carved turkey, which was very moist. Try the chocolate pecan pie if this is your first time here because it is incredible. We made the mistake of trying another smorgasbord in the area and even though we didn’t plan on coming here this trip we had to come to make up for the bad experience at the other buffet. This is by far the best buffet in the area based on the cleanliness, quality of the food, the variety of options, and the polite staff. You could be completely satisfied with just the salad, soup and dessert because the quality extends to everything they put out. We look forward to coming back here on our next visit to the Lancaster area.