What in the World is a Ferhoodle?

Ferhoodles are a staple of AmishView Inn & Suites breakfast buffets. Thus, they are often asked what a “Ferhoodle” is.  Here’s a handy infographic to explain!

What is a Ferhoodle?

From the infographic:

“Derived from the Pennsylvania German (Dutch) dialect used to describe something that is confused or “mixed up”.

At Amishview Inn, it’s a delicious part of an extensive hot and fresh breakfast buffet served each morning to our guests!

The Amishview Inn Ferhoodle takes scrambled eggs, potatoes, baked ham, bell peppers, and onions …and then they Ferhoodle them!”

Make AmishView’s Tradition Yours

There you have it! Many visitors know Lancaster County for its homemade Dutch foods. The fun thing about Ferhoodle is that there is more than just one way to make it. Each family has their own spin on this dish, some substituting in sausage, rice, or other family favorites. You can add almost anything to make your family’s very own version.

Enjoy a Ferhoodle at Amishview Inn, and then take the tradition home to your family to enjoy!

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